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Rayon Satin, Grey

Reference : 109-10-1002

A soft, lustrous fabric with a nice drape and pleasant feel.

More details

  • Colour : _ 245 - grey
  • Drape : supple
  • Fiber Content : 60% viscose, 40% rayon
  • Weight mm (mommes) is a japanese weight unit used for silk fabrics. 1 mm = 4,33 g/m2. : 100g/m2
  • Width : 137 cm / 54 in
  • Meters in stock: 14.3     Watch availability

$ 15.54 / m ( $ 12.83 / m without VAT )

Quantity discount

  • more than 10 m (-5%)
  • more than 20 m (-10%)
  • more than 50 m (-15%)
  • more than 100 m (-20%)


This satin, made of a mix of rayon fibers, is characteristically soft, light, cool, and very wearable. The face side is glossy, the back side matte, and the two can be combined to interesting effect when sewing. Great for light, casual clothing, its beautiful shine and drape are at home in eveningwear too. Also an excellent choice for jacket lining. See our article about rayon fabrics to learn more.

Care: We recommend dry cleaning or very careful hand washing for this delicate fabric. Gentle handling will extend its lifetime. If washing by hand, use 30°C lukewarm water with a detergent formulated for delicate items, and lay flat to dry. Dry iron on the back side using your iron’s cotton setting. Water marks can be washed out.

Shrinkage: Approx. 2%

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