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Tencel hemp blend, magnolia, light pink

Reference : 109-11-5001

A light, sturdy fabric made from a unique blend of Tencel with hemp and nylon.

More details

  • Colour : _ 115 - light pink
  • Drape : supple
  • Fiber Content : 74% tencel, 15% nylon, 11% hemp
  • Weight mm (mommes) is a japanese weight unit used for silk fabrics. 1 mm = 4,33 g/m2. : 72 g/m2
  • Width : 155 cm / 61 in
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$ 13.28 / m ( $ 10.97 / m without VAT )

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  • more than 10 m (-5%)
  • more than 20 m (-10%)
  • more than 50 m (-15%)
  • more than 100 m (-20%)

This product is no longer in stock

The unusual makeup of this fabric – a nylon warp woven with a Tencel and hemp weft – lends this fabric its special qualities. It is exceptionally light and breathable, but has a crisp, papery feel like dupioni, which helps it to hold its shape. It works well in gathered skirts, puffed sleeves, and other places where volume is called for. It makes a fabulous material for light window dressings, where it gathers and falls beautifully.

In spite of its stiffness, this fabric is pleasant to wear. It is slightly transparent, however, and may call for a light lining or underlayer.

Tencel is a trade name for lyocell, and is the same material. Its manufacture produces minimal waste, making it an ecological choice.

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Care: Wash at 30°C by hand or on your machine’s gentle cycle. Iron on the silk setting. Use a low spin cycle; this fabric is delicate. Gentle handling will extend your fabric’s lifetime. This fabric will not lose its stiffness with washing.

Shrinkage: Approx. 2%

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